I was very fortunate to spend my morning with these three lovely women who have inspired me so much. From left to right: my grandmother, Dr.Yvonne Koch and Ms.Shirley.

The four of us gathered for tea and breakfast to hear Yvonne’s amazing story of survival during the Holocaust. Her father was a Catholic doctor that helped rescue two Jewish people from Auschwitz and the Gustavo were looking to arrest him. After finding out he had a daughter, they went to her school and when she could not tell them where he was, she was taken to Bergen-Belsen where she was kept for one year. She was ten years old and her parents had no idea what happened to her. She was rescued by a British doctor who hid her when she had fallen ill and took her to the Red Cross where they were eventually able to track down her family and reunite them.
She said the only reason she is alive is because he saved her and an old Russian woman working at the camp gave her food and sewed a pair of kittens for her. She carries those mittens with her, to this day, everywhere she goes.

"I find every day of life beautiful," she said, "I am alive and there is no greater blessing. I am alive."

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