It’s amazing how far two years can take you, even crazier how much can change in one. In April 2012, I was running the Boston Marathon; in April 2013, I was holding my friends and family close in light of the bombing tragedies. A mentor of mine inspired me to do something charitable to support my community to turn negativity into something positive, only to have his own life cut short months later. This April 2014 I live in a new city. Though I may not be in Boston, this day, this month and this event hold so many fond memories for me. And it reminds me to always keep running forward. // Best of luck to all my friends running next week, I’ll be cheering for and thinking of all of you! #boston #bostonmarathon (at Boston Marathon Finish Line)

Central Park // NYC (at Central Park)

Castle view of Central Park #nyc (at Belvedere Castle)

Central Park // Sunday Funday #nyc (at Central Park - Great Lawn)

Flowers in UES #nyc

Spotted: @hirschlc finds inspiration in #SoHo #nyc (at SoHo)

Granola breakfast at @warbyparker provided by @oatmygoodness #oatmygoodness #warbyparker #breakfast (at Warby Parker - Puck Office)

New glasses by @warbyparker // Lyle in Plum Marblewood // $95 at #warbyparker (at

Plant city, NYC // @gthottam and I are plant hoarders. #nyc #plants

Aliens 👀👽👽 (at nyc subway aliens)