I miss my meep 😩🐾🐻

The perks of living with @gthottam : a three course meal for dinner πŸ”πŸ— #vsco #foodporn (at that chicken tho)

the Upper East Side has great moments . #vscocam #vsco #nyc

I still can’t believe it’s been a year since I was in Europe. You’ll be seeing some #latergram photos from my trip this month. This was the Buddha Castle in Budapest, Hungary. #vsco #eurail

#Tbt to another spontaneous trip when I took the overnight train from Vienna to meet my sisters in Bruges, Belgium. #adventuregram #eurail #vsco #vscocam (at in bruges)

Today I have been really turned around. I wandered around grand central station for a bit trying to find my way when it dawned on me how confused so many foreigners might be. And I remembered how this time last year I was riding trains around Europe trying to navigate the system. As terrifying as that was for a moment, it was also the best feeling to arrive in a train station in one country and find my way to the next. Spontaneous decisions always end up being the best decisions. #vscocam #eurail #storygram (at when i was brave enough to fly to hamburg & take a train to denmark)

I am being spoiled at work today by my friends with cupcakes, belated birthday presents and letters! How wonderful it is to know I have friends in so many places, I’m so blessed! Let the adventures continue all around. πŸŒ²πŸŽ‰πŸŒ΅#vscocam #storygram (at dont be jealous of my cactus 🌡)

The best thing about letters are that they come unexpectedly with the most perfect timing. It’s also funny how much changes by the time you get the next letter, so it’s always intriguing. Funny how life works like that. Plus, when you’re sick, nothing beats a surprise like this in the mail! Thanks @hmhoglund for being my pen pal! β€οΈπŸ“πŸ“¬ #storygram (at pen pals )

I couldn’t think of a better photo to summarizes @gthottam and I’s relationship and love for sweets. #tbt ❀️🍰 (at that cake tho)

my dad saw my photos and I woke up to a txt with this one that said “don’t worry, be happy.” So, Happy Thursday everybody! 🌺#vscocam #vsco (at when parents txt)